Ellie Cooper jumping Video went viral on Reddit

Ellie Cooper jumping video went viral on Twitter and other social media sites. In the video, the full story is told. Cooper comes from a strong softball family. Her father, Russell, is an assistant coach at Charleston Southern University.

Ellie cooper video twitter

The coach for the Canadian National Team’s pitcher. He has played softball and coached it for more than 40 years. As a young player in New Zealand, he won six national championships in three different age groups. He was chosen as an All-American at the men’s ASA national competition in 1987, and he went to New Zealand with the men’s national training squad in 1988.

Ellie cooper video

She just finished her second season as an assistant coach for the softball team at East Carolina. Florida State won the 2018 Women’s College World Series (WCWS) with six straight wins, including two wins over Washington in the best-of-three championship. This was the first time Florida State had ever won a national title.

Cooper was a coach for the Seminoles. He stood in the first base box and worked with batters on their transfers, footwork, glove work, and receiving. He also helped with the offensive game plan and scouting the other team. Cooper was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and she has also been a part of and been the captain of the New Zealand National Team. Ellie Cooper jumping Video went viral on Reddit.

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