Mika LaFuente Video Viral On Social Media

Social media influencer Mika Lafuente hasn’t been creating content for very long, but she’s found a winning formula for turning heads. The formula usually involves Argentine models. Follow modentertain latest news.

In less than two years, the newcomer to impact gaming has amassed a massive following across multiple platforms. He has nearly 480,000 followers on Instagram and over 720,000 followers on TikTok, where his videos have received millions of views.

The influencer shared some tips with her TikTok followers (Credit: Mika Lafuente / TikTok) It doesn’t take long to find out why Mica’s formula is so successful. He increased the number of replays and changed the formula so that you don’t just watch his videos once.

He often wears Label prosthetics. In her latest foray into prosthetics, Mika shares some tips for women with smaller breasts. People seem to be taking this video seriously. It has been viewed nearly 6 million times and liked over 500,000 times.

The video is titled “Complementary Opposites” and includes a text overlay saying “Every small-tits girl needs a big-tits beast.” Mika then exits the screen prompting his friend to take the photo.

This sounds like solid advice. However, the video appeared to be confusing to many who watched it. The confusion has nothing to do with Micah’s advice on being a genius best friend.

This confusion has more to do with how Mika is classified as her own talent. A gift for apparently disproportionate hips.

One commenter said, “Girls, he’s in the picture even when you’re not.”

Others suggested that the gift may actually be the product of some sort of surgical enhancement. “This is not a barrel of oil,” read one comment.

“I need a plastic surgeon on TikTok to confirm this is the real Lamu,” said another.

True or not, the advice she gives doesn’t apply to him. In this clip, Mika gets a lot of attention from her busty best friend. There is enough internet for everyone.

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